I was just injured in a road construction accident. Who is responsible and what do I do next?

I want to take a couple of minutes to talk about a serious thing that is occurring quite often, way too often in the streets and the highways in the state of Alabama. We’ve dealt with these cases many times and they’re really are not, they can be prevented, but they’re not good results. It’s dealing with when there is construction on the roadways and people get hurt due to collisions. There’s many players there’s many factors here in town, excuse me, involved in this. One example is in town downtown in Birmingham they’re restructuring the highway system in downtown.

It’s going to be for a little over a year of dealing with this. If anybody’s been through there you’ll see all of the permanent structures that are up. The temporary structures that are up warning people that you’re getting rerouted or you need to slow down or you’re being flagged through or stopped. It really becomes a very hazardous construction zone if you’re not paying attention and typically whoever’s in charge of the construction of the work that’s being done they’re going to put up the proper and necessary safety measures in place but that doesn’t always mean that they’re going to be followed people are distracted while driving people who are in the construction in the danger zones if you will sometimes they don’t always follow protocol and there’s many causes for these roadway accidents and it could be that people are merging it could be that they’re driving too fast there’s a host of reasons a construction vehicle could be pulling out you never you never know but there’s many types of common injuries that occur to those people who are actually driving the vehicles and well as to the people who are the actual workers who are in those dangerous that can be dangerous spots and it could be people from being struck by vehicles could be from Falls electrocutions crash or crush injuries for drivers involved in roadway construction they also have similar type of injuries from collisions from the temporary railings that are put up or from the inattentive drivers who may come into their construction area debris or materials may be flying off there’s a whole host of things that are there well then the question becomes who’s responsible for these types of injuries now the people who are working on the roadway themselves workers comp has in place our laws to cover their injuries but there’s also potentially the legal claims that could be made against the drivers themselves who caused the accidents and created the injuries you know work comp doesn’t always cover everything far from it in Alabama a particular if it’s catastrophic or or leads to death by somebody else’s negligence pain and suffering is not covered by work comp and the like and only part of lost wages etc on the other hand if you’re the driver and someone runs you off the road or you’re in a collision where you’ve got those types of claims that the drivers can make against the other drivers who caused the accident and in some instances the people who are in charge of the construction zones if they’ve created a dangerous situation they might be responsible what regardless of what type of injuries and and who’s involved there are certain things that you should do as soon as an accident or something occurs if you’re able to or if they’re people in your vehicle you need to report it immediately if you’re an employee if you’re a construction worker let your supervisor have somebody notify the supervisor of management as soon as possible so you can start the work claim work comp claim a protocol if you’re a driver and get into a crash well the police or the Highway Patrol need to be notified immediately because emergency responses may be needed for either of those Aereo’s document as best you can with photographs witnesses those types of things but if if all possible get the medical care as soon as as soon as you can because that’s much more important than any potential claims that may be going on in the future and then speak to an experienced attorney for these matters and a here at the Nomberg Law Firm we’ve represented many many people in construction roadway injuries and accident claims, both from the standpoint of being the driver who’s involved in the claim had the crash or the construction worker who’s injured but we’ll be glad to speak to you if have had either types of these claims.

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