Scaffold Accident Lawyers Discuss How Injured Construction Workers Can Obtain a Large Monetary Award

Our law firm represents California construction workers and one of the common types of accidents that happen to construction workers are scaffolding accidents. So, a construction worker could be working on a scaffold and be caused to fall because of safety violations or the wrong type of equipment or the lack of safety protection and this is protected by the California labor law—section 240. Section 240 basically says that if a worker falls due to gravity or elevation relation hazard, that the landlord of the construction site— the owner, as well as the general contractor on that site are absolutely liable and it’s meant to ensure that construction workers, who already put their lives in jeopardy because they work in a very dangerous profession by the nature of the profession— so, the law is meant to ensure that they don’t have to have any additional danger. That the employers, that the owners of the construction sites, and the general contractors on these sites will be these safety measures in place to protect the workers.

So, if there has been a safety violation and an injury by a construction workers, we would offer a consultation to examine all of the case law and the precedence for whether a case would be successful or not and to build the case correctly, to recover maximum compensation to the injured worker. .